Upcoming events


Over the course of the year, the WLPS P&C host many events to assist with our fundraising or just to provide an opportunity for the community to come together.  These include (but are not limited to!)

  • Community Movie Nights.
  • West Leedy on Wheels event at Lake Monger.
  • The annual (and hotly contested!) P&C Parents Quiz Night
  • School disco’s.
  • The West Leederville Primary School Fete (every second year – scheduled for late 2020)
  • Class picnics to facilitate new students & parents to meet & mingle prior to the start of the school year.

Click to see the school calendar of WLPS live school calendar or below to see our listing of social activities, school events and volunteering opportunities.

NB:  Please note that, due to COVID restrictions, we are currently postponing all community / fundraising events.


P&C Meeting’s:

All parents, guardians and members of the community are welcome to attend P&C meetings. The meetings are held on Weeks 3 & 8 of each Term in the Staff Room (located at the top of the stairs, closest to playground), commencing at 7.30pm.


The Fathering Project:

WLPS and The Fathering Project:

The WLPS P&C are proud to be working with The Fathering Project (TFP). TFP work closely with schools to assist dads and father figures to become better dads in order to provide their kids with a better environment to develop. TFP’s aim is to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping dads and father figures to engage positively with their children.

FOWLSThere is a team of dedicated dads and father figures working together who have formed a WLPS Dads group or FOWL’s (Fathers of West Leederville). They provide a range of activities, knowledge, skills and support for dads and father figures throughout the school year. These include dads and kids events as well as social events for dads.

We would love as many WLPS dads as possible to join this group and be part of the fun and interactive events planned for the year. To keep informed of what’s going on, there are a number of ways to join if you haven’t already.

1. Email , or

2. Join via the WLPS fathering project website
Click here, please complete the form – you will then be notified of any updates via email

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